9 Muses Studio

Rental Fees

Studio Rental

$25.00 / hour

Party Hosting:

additional - $8.00 / per person

Full Party Package


Troupe Sicorae Performance Fee

$150.00 / hour

Parties and Studio Rental

9 Muses is a fun, feminine space condusive to small, informal parties, meetings, and gatherings of 25 people or fewer. We also have a kitchenette on premise. Our patio area is a garden spot in warmer months and is rapidly becomming a favorite photography spot.

With approximately 700 sq. feet, 9 Muses is a great place for small gatherings. The studio is decorated with colorful Middle Eastern textiles and is warm and inviting. We can set up tables and chairs for your event or you can take advantage of the floor pillows.

We have a small refrigerator and microwave. We do not do catering, but you are welcome bring your own food.

Sorry, no male-only parties.

Girls Night Out / Bridesmaid Parties

Looking for something different for your next ladies night? We sponsor parties for women to learn a little more about tribal-style belly dance. Troupe Sicorae members can offer basic lessons and other activities during the evening. You can try on costumes and experiment with makeup and perhaps, have some henna done.

We don't have a strict agenda for these evenings, rather we try to streamline the event to the participants. These are things that may happen during the evening. We wouldn't have time to do everything, so if you have a particular area you want, let us know.

Maximum of 12 attendees.

Basic outline:

  • Gather, sign-in, introductions, view boutique (if you want to try on boutique items, this is the time)
  • Slow movement session
  • Zils (finger cymbals)
  • Fast movement session
  • Incorporating movements into dance
  • Cool down

Focus sections:

  • Try on costumes (play dress up!)
  • Experiment with make-up (need to bring your own foundation, eye-liner, and mascara)
  • Learn more moves beyond the basics
  • Dance as a workout
  • Dance demos by Troupe Sicorae members
  • Henna (additional $5.00 / person for supplies) Henna is messy and it stains. If you choose to do this we need to know in advance. We do it the last thing in the evening because of that. We will also take as many breaks as you like for refreshments and socializing.


Troupe Sicorae is also available to dance at your wedding, if you are looking for something fun and colorful to add to your special event.