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Regional Workshops

We often caravan to workshops offered by other troupes in the Midwest Region. If you are interested in one of these workshops, contact your instructor for information on carpooling and performance opportunities.

Upcoming Workshops



We offer a variety of workshops and mini-workshops in-house throughout the year. Mini-workshops are a chance to focus on skills not usually addressed in the classroom, such as costuming and makeup. Major workshops offer dance techniques with outside teachers.

Past workshops have included such topics as hair embellishments, ghwazhee jackets, wrapped bracelets, coin belts, tribal bras, and tassels.

If there is a workshop topic you would like us to host, or if you are interested in presenting at a workshop, please contact us at: 9MusesStudio@gmail.com

Tribal Riot

Our annual jamboree with dancers and vendors from throughout the region.

Tribal Riot 2014 is November 8.

In-House Workshops


Upcoming Workshops

  • Nothing scheduled at this time.

Tribal Riot Presenters

Meagan Stoner of Anant

Meagan Stoner, bellydance instructor, teachers American Tribal Style, a modern and modest style of dancing that emphasizes group improvisation. Since 2007, she has been self-taught and also has trained at local and national level workshops in Lincoln, Omaha, Texas, Colorado and New York City. Along with finding new and innovative teaching methods for the T’Dance Bellydance girls, Meagan is troupe leader for Anant, which can be seen performing throughout the year at community or private events.

Meagan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and has completed graduate coursework towards a MBA through the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She and her husband, Harvey, manage several rental properties and stay busy raising two daughters, Amelia 12 and Stella 7, both of which are T’Dance students. The family enjoys sharing space in Hastings with their three dogs and two cats.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson has been teaching hand drumming in Lincoln for twelve years doing group and one on one lessons. He has experience with West African, Latin, Indian and Middle Eastern rhythms and teaches both kids and adults. His fun and contemporary teaching style is good for novices and advanced students of all ages.

Danelle Lockwood (Azhriaz)

Azhriaz has been belly dancing for more than 10 years and has been involved in Bollywood for more than half that time. She enjoys the energy and drama of the dance and loves to share that passion with everyone who will listen. She currently dances with Raqs Awn Belly Dance Collective out of Omaha and On the Fringe Bellydance out of Council Bluffs, IA.

Tribal Riot workshops

New ITS Moves and Combos

Meagan has created several moves and/or combos that have never really been used by her troupe. Some have never seen the light of day, some are ones learned in workshop with Urban Gypsy, some have been taught to her T'Dance girls and they have performed at recital, but these moves have not yet been performed for the belly dance world. She would use them for her own troupe, but Anant has focused back on doing ATS and they are going to break out of the box anytime soon. So why sit on these moves? She needs to bequeath them! This class will include 3-5 solid combos and maybe just some 'moves'.

Bhangra with Azhriaz

Modern Bhangra combines traditional Indian beats with Western music, creating energetic music that just makes you want to get up and move. In this workshop, you will learn the basic dance movements used in Bhangra, with a little bit of Bollywood thrown in for fun. You will come away with combos you can mix and match to build your own choreography, or just gee tout on the dance floor and impress your friends.

Rhythms and the Art of Improvization

This class will have a basic review of starter rhythms and then focus on intermediate rhythms such as Zaffa, Bolero, Chiftiteyyli and Gawazi. There will also be instruction on improvization and listening exercises and dwill close out with a free form drum circle. Bring a drum if you have one. Drums will be provided for those that don't have one. This class is a good way to relax in a laid back atmosphere between intensive dance classes. Come join the circle!


BYOB and a snack to share – and your dancing feet! (must have paid for two classes to perform)

Tribal Riot Schedule

10:00 – noon: new ITS moves

1:30 – 3:30: Bhangra

4:00 – 5:30: drumming

6:30 –9:30: Hafla

Tribal Riot Registration Information

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