9 Muses Studio

Regional Workshops

We often caravan to workshops offered by other troupes in the Midwest Region. If you are interested in one of these workshops, contact your instructor for information on carpooling and performance opportunities.



We offer a variety of workshops and mini-workshops in-house throughout the year. Mini-workshops are a chance to focus on skills not usually addressed in the classroom, such as costuming and makeup. Major workshops offer dance techniques with outside teachers.

Past workshops have included such topics as hair embellishments, ghwazhee jackets, wrapped bracelets, coin belts, tribal bras, and tassels.

If there is a workshop topic you would like us to host, or if you are interested in presenting at a workshop, please contact us at: 9MusesStudio@gmail.com

Tribal Riot

Our annual jamboree with dancers and vendors from throughout the region.

Tribal Riot 2016 is scheduled for November 5 & 6.

In-House Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

  • Please check the calendar or our Facebook page for the most current information on workshops.